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Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management dedicates itself to providing optimal asset allocation for each client. Our experience, analytical modeling, and specialty in discovering traditional, emerging, and niche investment strategies allows the firm to create efficient client portfolios designed to achieve short and long-term investment goals.

Our rigorous research and due diligence process, consistent monitoring of opportunities and managers, and use of our global network of relationships is what sets us apart. Many of our investment ideas are presented directly to us from our clients and industry contacts—allowing all our clients superb access to unique alternative investments and differentiated strategies, that aim to increase diversity and overall performance while decreasing portfolio risk.

As the first graphic below illustrates, the firm utilizes numerous proprietary due diligence research methods—consisting of various manager/opportunity sourcing methods, quantitative/qualitative research, optimized portfolio construction, and regular investment manager and opportunity monitoring.

As the second graphic illustrates, markets are unpredictable and the benefits of a diverse portfolio overtime cannot be ignored. The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown this—altering the way in which the world operates and mandating new ways of thinking and new methodologies.

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