PWP actively engages with several hundred Family Office and institutional relationships.

This includes extensive ties to the Global Merchant Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, and business owner community. These relationships augment research, offer market insights, and provide a source of access to unique transactions, including co-investments with Family Offices, direct deals, and exclusive fund placements.

These offerings have served as a differentiator and cornerstone to our business since our inception in 1982.

PWP’s highly experienced team, which includes former members of senior management from multiple institutions, offers direct, multi-cyclical expertise, and perspective across all asset classes.

PWP places emphasis on risk management and structuring downside protection for investments.

Our dedicated Research team carefully screens opportunities and adheres to a disciplined underwriting research process.

A formal Investment Committee review bolsters the due diligence effort supplying rigorous checks and balances. The firm maintains a keen focus on execution, market, finance and macro risk mitigation.

The success of our firm and its principals is closely aligned with that of our clients due to our commitment and culture of structural alignment and co-investing.

PWP promotes an internal culture of entrepreneurialism, collaboration, creativity and client service for its investors.

Notwithstanding PWP’s institutional standards, reach and talent, its roots stem from a family office that focuses on active multi-generational investing.

Many of PWP’s investments are designed and intended to be held for the long-term which runs in accordance with our relationship and broader investment philosophy.